Home and Away


Students aged 18+


Flexible days and times


Various locations


Once a week


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Home and Away is a befriending project for children and young people aged 5-18 years old, with a physical and/or learning disability.

The aim of the project is to enable the children to have fun and become involved in stimulating activities in their home or local community. It helps the children to develop personal and educational skills and social relationships. It also essentially provides respite for the family members.

Volunteers go in pairs to visit their matched child or young person for 2-3 hours each week. We have load of ideas for things to do and places to visit. Enjoy the cinema, swimming, shopping, football, McDonalds – the only limitations are your imagination! Financial assistance, where appropriate, can be organised to assist families with the costs of their child attending activities on the project. Please contact the SVC Manager, or the SVC Project Coordinators for further information.

As a volunteer you will make a big difference to the child and their family whilst enjoying yourself! All that is needed is commitment and a great sense of humour.