Kieran Vass

Alumni Ambassador


Hi Everyone, I'm Kieran and I'm one of the alumni ambassadors for SVC. My role is to support the development of former CUSS, SCA and SVC volunteers and maintain engagement with the amazing group of people who have worked with the charity throughout the years.

I'm happy to continue to support SVC, last year I was Chair for the charity after spending several years in various positions and getting involved with lots of different projects. I've now completed my masters degree and work full time with Innovate Trust, SVC's sister charity, looking at two projects - researching how technology can be used to increase independence for adults with learning difficulties and researching the history of supported living and the All Wales Strategy.

I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to continue to support SVC and I am happy to help the charity in any way I can, so please get in touch if you wanted to discuss any ideas or simply to catch up with the SVC alumni community.